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Reporters gathered for a press conference at an abandoned old house, which houses the "office" of the newspaper "San Francisco," deputy editor "Saratov" Sergei Pochechuev said that already nine years of conflict with Alexander Lando, often criticized him in the press, while repeatedly publication called Lando lawsuits. Home Therefore, the pilot issue of the newspaper "San Francisco" to a new composition, he found a convenient excuse once again to settle the score with the Ombudsman in the Saratov region, Alexander Lando. Thus, the words of the Minister of Press and Information of Yuri Sanberg received confirmation: start update newspaper "Saratov" agreed with the scandal have made an impact in the local and national press. 07.08.2001 10:12 Newspaper "Saratov conduct" - a former official organ of the Saratov government - want to be evicted from the building. This was reported by the Government of Saratov opposition newspaper "rich." According to the author Alexander Krutov initiated eviction newspaper "Saratov conduct" acts Government of Saratov region in the face of the Regional Committee for Property Management. Editorial debt for the rent of the premises is more than two hundred thousand rubles, but "Saratov conduct" at the time (when is the official government newspaper) were exempted from the order of the governor rents. This spring, when the Ministry of Information and Press of the Saratov region was the founder of the newspaper "Saratov-SP" cloned in April 2000 from the newspaper "San Francisco", heads of municipalities were sent a letter signed by the Minister of Foreign Relations Boris Shinchuka. It instructed the heads of administrations organize subscription using "administrative resources" not "Saratov news", and the "Saratov-SP." Then B. Shinchuk tried to initiate amendments to the agreement between the Government and the editorial "Saratov news" relating to the powers of the Government to change the editor, but was rebuffed by the chief editor Tatiana

Today in Saratov provincial Chamber of Commerce disconnect light. Scandal continues to grow around the premises of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce - TelekomTV television reported. Manual Chamber was notified that the City Property Committee unilaterally changed the contract gratuitous lease byvschego Youth Palace. According to the new version of the CCI deprived of their premises, which are supposed to convey the city prosecutor's office. Policemen have already changed the disputed territories and door locks and do not allow workers there Chamber. Today the management of CCI filed a lawsuit and the decision also likely will make today. By the way, the work of the Chamber will be completely paralyzed. Its building will be turned off the light. Guide Saratov enterprise "City power" explains these measures planned prevention. Decided to spend it right now, for the first 4 years of existence Chamber. 07.08.2001 10:07 The conflict between the newspaper "San Francisco" and ombundsmenom Alexander Lando deliberately inflated staff "Saratov". The conflict between the newspaper "San Francisco" and ombundsmenom Alexander Lando deliberately inflated staff "Saratov". Such a conclusion could do yesterday, many journalists who were on the two press conferences - Minister of Information and Press Jury Sanberg and chief editor of "Saratov" Igor Osovin. In the first - in the press center of the government - Sanberg said that conflict is inflated journalists "Saratov" in order to make the event information output newspapers repeatedly cloned and lost subscribers and employees because of lack of talent management. "If Alexander Lando needed this conflict, he would not leave on vacation," - said Sanberg. At the same time, the minister said that the replica "Saratov" about his alleged lack of information about the conflict untrue.


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