Gotland Archaeological Field School

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Viking Discovery Programme - Island of Gotland, Sweden

In spite of the tremendous rich heritage from Viking Age, like the finding of about 700 silver hoards, there is still a very scanty knowledge of how houses and farms in general looked like and were constructed on the island of Gotland. Only a handful of places have been investigated so far, and much of the knowledge is coming from just two places; Fjäle farm in the parish of Ala and Burge farm in the parish of Lummelunda.

Archaeological field course

The Viking Discovery Programme aim at changing this situation. With the start in summer 2007, there are destined excavations towards Viking Age houses and farms in different locations around the island every summer.

Summer 2012, we will once again return to the question of Viking Age settlement. This time we will return to one of the best preserved farmsteads from iron age to middle ages in Sweden. The name of the farm is Fjäle, and it is situated on the southeast part of Gotland.

As participants in the courses, you will be part of an archaeological research project focused on the harbour and its activities in the Viking Age - Early Middle Ages. The course is aimed at both beginners and more experienced excavators, and contains, beyond the field work, lectures and a full day excursion to Viking sites, including the county museum of Gotland, with its rich Viking heritage.

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