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And only after that there is real hope that this year the station will be commissioned and even scheduled a specific date - October 15. Recently from the national budget has been allocated an additional 4 million rubles for finishing the building and landscaping of the adjacent territory. Kanashtsy no doubt promises head of the republic. Indeed, in the past, it was supported by the President of the republic managed to organize the work on Kanashsky Car Repair Plant, although at the time of success, few hoped. But Nikolai Fyodorov personally repeatedly came to the company, not just the problems discussed at the meetings of the plant with the Minister of Railways of Russia Nikolai Aksenenko. Vagonoremontniki rightly notes Railroad Day, adequately met the holiday. For the six months of this year on this company towns increased production by 244 per cent (in current prices) to the corresponding period last year. 07.08.2001 10:00 Cheboksary employs over 3,500 small businesses. On the territory of Cheboksary has over 3,500 small businesses. The largest share by industry in the total volume occupied by the enterprise trade and catering - 45.85%, industrial enterprises - 17% and construction - 15.5%. Increased number of small businesses in the areas of computing services, tourism, market research, legal and auditing services. During the first half of this year to take concrete steps to support small businesses. Up to 41-58 days shortened preparation and approval of the initial permits to consolidate land. Organized and conducted four commercial tenders for the sale of lease rights of non-residential premises. During the reporting period received 19 applications from small businesses to bid for the acquisition of the right to lease 11 uninhabited premises. Buyers the right to lease 10 uninhabited premises became small businesses. Urban management "Cheboksary city employment center" four subsidies granted to citizens totaling 49,000 rubles.

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